About Us

Nikki G's Temperature Control Clothing ®​ is a home run business based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

The founder, Sue Gay, developed the idea of producing temperature control clothing whilst caring for her little girl Nikki.  Due to her neurological condition, Nikki had great difficulty controlling her body temperature. She was frequently too hot or too cold. This is a common problem, often called Thermoregulatory Dysfunction, which affects many children and adults with a disability.

After substantial investigation and research, Sue found a company in America which had developed a phase changing fabric for NASA.  After many months of working with the Company, Sue was awarded the official Trademark licence with Outlast®​ Technologies LLC to use their fabric.   Sue has experienced the benefits of this technology first hand and now wants to share this with others.

Sadly,Nikki lost her fight for life in April 2014. Sue named the company to honour her memory.