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The Outlast® thermo-technology usually utilizes the user’s body heat. This heat liquefies the microencapsulated wax, thereby preventing a further increase in temperature, as the thermal energy is used in the process of changing the wax’s physical state. Thus, the temperature regulating fabric is able to significantly reduce the user’s heat peak, resulting in improved comfort and the reduction of sweat formation by up to 48%.

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Nikki G's is proud to have been awarded an Official Trademark Licence with Outlast® Technologies LLC.

Less sweating, less freezing – a comfortable temperature all night long
The key to good, restful sleep lies in heat management, as good sleep can only be achieved with as little moisture production as possible. This is where the Outlast® thermo-technology comes in and proactively regulates the heat to stop moisture from developing in the first place. In contrast, other technologies attempt only to wick away the sweat that has developed.
The more Outlast® thermo-technology is used in your bed, the better your sleeping comfort.
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What is Temperature Regulating Material?

Our temperature regulating fabric was originally developed by NASA and used in space gloves, offering the astronauts protection from the extreme temperature fluctuations in space. Outlast® Technologies LLC have successfully adapted and improved the original technology and made it accessible for use in other areas including bedding.

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