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Specialist Chair Covering

All our chair coverings are hand-made to order and can be adapted in size and shape depending on the chair brand. Available in many colours. We have provided covers for popular chairs such as Rifton, Kelly, Leckey Mygo and Symmetrikit. Air comfort custom made Blankets are also available, send us your chair details for a free quote.

Email for a free quote.

The cover is made with genuine Outlast® non-woven material and plain cotton fabric.  It can easily be secured to the chair using elastic strapping and velcro fastening and can be removed for washing.   The technology used in these coverings can provide you with more comfortable solutions to everyday life as the Outlast® material is able to absorb and store excess heat, reducing the build-up of heat and moisture next to the skin.

The covering can help retain a more even body temperature particularly when there’s a requirement for the chair to be in use for long periods of time.